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'Each Tiny Drop' by Risham Syed, with Kinetic Artworks by Savinder Bual

Opening performance for Manchester International Festival, 2023  

Drawing on ancient practices and river rituals from South Asian culture, Syed invited audiences to collect water specially transported from the Soan River in Pakistan and steward it into the River Medlock in Manchester. The event was a celebration of the gift of water that we so often take for granted, 

I was commissioned to make 5 outdoor sound sculptures for 'Each Tiny Drop'. These were made of steel, glass and terracotta, roof tiles. The works were inspired by tipping bucket rain gauges. You can listen to the sound of the works by pressing play on the audio track below. 

Each Tiny DropSound Designer Dan Jones

5 steel frames 190cm x 136cm x 50cm, roof tiles, bamboo pendulums, glass funnels and buckets

Image Credit: ⁠Priti Shikotra.

Water bearers filled buckets positioned on top of the sculptures with long handled ladles. The water trickled through each bucket onto two pieces of bamboo, causing them to seesaw and distribute water into two glass funnels. As the bamboo seesaws hit the glass they created sound. The water ran down a series of roof tiles into claypots held by audiences at the beginning of their journey around the park. 1000 people attended this evening event. 

Extract from the full production video.

Credit: Gersende Giorgio⁠.


Image Credit:  Sean Hansford, Manchester Evening News⁠

Image Credit:  Amy Dickson

Image Credit:  Amy Dickson

Production Credits: 

Concept by Lead Artist Risham Syed

with Kinetic Art Works by Savinder Bual 

Directed by Angie Bual (Trigger) 

Curated by Alnoor Mitha 

Sound Design by Dan Jones

Musical Direction by Beth Allen 

Commissioned and Produced by Factory International for Manchester International Festival

Image: Rob Harris

Image: Rob Harris

Details of the corrosion of the steel base plate after 9 days 

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