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'Fade' & 'High and Low', Horsebridge Art Centre

Commissioned work for Whitstable Biennale 2022 Afterwardness  

My water driven sculptures are the result of ideas formed on a residency on the Isle of Sheppey in 2020. I discovered how tidal flows were first recorded and was inspired by coastal erosion.


I created two works, 'Fade' and 'High and Low'.  Both contemplate the connection between the natural forces of time and tide.


In the newest work 'High and Low'. water conducts three kinetic sculptures made of steel, bamboo and glass. By embracing the performative flow and fundamentally uncontrollable nature of water, these instruments respond to and subvert a history of human-made devices built to control and harness time, tides, and the elements. 

Information about 'Fade' can be found here


High & Low, 2022 Image: Rob Harris


High and Low, 2022,

bamboo, mild steel & glass.

190cm x 54cm x 54cm

Commissioned for Whitstable Biennale 2022


Image: Rob Harris

Water is hand poured into a bucket at the top of each structure. The water slowly empties through a tube onto a piece of bamboo, causing it to seesaw. As it does so it distributes water into two glass vessels. When the water reaches the top of the glasses it siphons onto a steel plate which corrodes with time. Once the glasses are empty they begin to refill.

The bamboo seesaw strikes the vessels creating a sound that changes pitch as they fill with water (Please see the video above to hear the sound).

Image: Rob Harris


Image: Rob Harris


Image: Rob Harris

Details of the corrosion of the steel base plate after 9 days 

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