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'Javasu' by Savinder Bual featuring occasional works by Sarah Boulton
Exhibition at Caraboo Projects April 2019
Exhibition Design Elena Blanco


'Javasu' draws upon various points in history in which sea monsters, the pineapple and moving panoramas triggered the public’s imagination to wonder what it was like to journey to faraway lands that were inaccessible to them.

The exhibition was a tribute to Bristol resident Mary Baker, who in 1817 convinced the public that she was ‘Princess Caraboo’ from a fictitious island called Javasu. A fascination with the exotic and a curiosity to discover more about faraway lands had duped the public into believing in Caraboo’s authenticity. They imbued her with mythologies constructed from their limited knowledge of the world.

Javasu, 3 minutes looped, 2019


Pinjekan, wood, steel & Japanese Shoji paper
Powered by the momentum of the viewer walking
100cm x 39.5cm x 13cm

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