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The Train Effect

A film and text piece about time, online until 7th of April 2023 on Arts & Heritage's screening room

Inspired by railway time ‘Bual has produced a lyrical and free-associative text reflecting on a wide range of subjects that relate to time as linear, cyclical, cosmic, geological, political and abstract.’ - Ingrid Swenson


A bird’s-eye view of a hand-powered train turntable is shot from above resembling a huge clockface. Starting from a standstill, two people rotate a 130 ton engine.


The work is accompanied by a reflective essay by Ingrid Swenson


Commissioned by @artsheritage, and responding Didcot Railway Centre.

DJI_0443.00_01_59_11.Still002 copy.jpg

9 Notes

Now available on PEER's website, 9 Notes is a publication that introduces some of the ideas and concerns that fuel my practice. The publication includes an essay by Alex Hetherington titled, The Student Of Hallucinations, The Absent, Moon And The Law Of The Feather.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England and PEER, London


9 Notes Publication

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